Memorandum of JEPP Aviation Fuel Deposit Presentation

Deposit description

The Aviation Fuel Deposit (JetA-1), located within the Mihail Kogalniceanu - Constanta Airport, adjacent to the east side of the current gasoline-diesel depot of the Airport, consists of a tank park (2 pieces) above ground storage, fuel transfer skid and a platform with parking spaces, all enclosed by a closed perimeter fence with access gates, with a total area of 280 sqm. The design and execution was carried out in accordance with the international rules of civil aviation: JIG, EI and AACR, taking into account the reduced size and the limited number of food operations. Upon the increase of the activity decided by the AACR, following the surveillance audits and based on an appropriate risk analysis, it will be possible to switch to the next stage of development.

Structures and industrial constructions

Tanks placed on reinforced concrete foundations are placed in a protective tank with a capacity of 110% relative to the actual one of a tank having the waterproofed bottom by inserting a membrane into the concrete layer; the cuvette is provided with a valve for drainage of rainwater, normally kept closed and operated only in case of water accumulation.The water from the interior surfaces of the deposit, potentially contaminating, is drained through a normally open, two-chamber oil product separator, installed underground, whose the exit is connected to the airport sewer, which collects all surface waters (including car park) in the Airport.Separator will only close manually in case of massive accidental pollution, which will be retained and treated inside the warehouse, according to the emergency manual . Adjacent, an office / archive container will be mounted, which will also include the control panel, signaling and power distribution, and a spare parts store, maintenance and small repairs. The electrical energy is drained and / or buried from the power plant panels on a 20kW / 400V cable to the nearby office container, where it is distributed to consumers. The project's explosive limit separates the installation of "ex" located in the tank / parking area, from the normal ones, limited in the area of the office / storage container. Several emergency stop buttons are provided, so that access to them is made within 10 seconds of any area of the warehouse.