Aviation fuel storage (JetA-1) located inside Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport

Who we are?

Aircraft fuel suppliers working only in Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport in Constanta County. Our company is engaged in the storage of fuel (JetA-1) and the supply of civilian and military aircrafts.

We provide quality

Fuel delivered to aircrafts is certified by European standards and is a benchmark of quality in the local aviation fuel market. We therefore offer the promise to ensure the smooth running of operations that set in motion any air transport network.

Fuel storage

Fuel storage and aircraft supplies are carried out under the highest safety standards according to environmental standards and current legislation.

Aircrafts supply equipment

Fuel supplies used for civilian and military aircraft: two self-propelled trucks with a capacity of 36,000 liters each, certified according to domestic and international requirements, having the possibility to supply both JET A1 for civil aircraft and fuel for military aircraft as required by the air operator .

JEPP Aviation Fuel Deposit


The Aviation Fuel Deposit (JetA-1), located within the Mihail Kogalniceanu - Constanta Airport, adjacent to the east side of the current gasoline-diesel depot of the Airport, consists of a tank park (2 pieces) above ground storage, a fuel transfer skid and a platform with parking tanks, all enclosed by a closed perimeter fence with access gates, with a total area of 280 sqm. The design and execution are carried out in accordance with the international civil aviation rules: JIG , EI and AACR, considering the reduced size and the limited number of supply operations in the Mihail Kogalniceanu airport. At the time of increasing the activity through the AACR decision, following the surveillance audits and based on an appropriate risk analysis, it will be possible makes the transition to the next stage of development.

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