Jepp S.R.L Constanţa is a new aircraft fuel supplier with unique Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport in Constanţa County. Our company was founded in May 2018 and has as its object the activity of fuel storage (JetA-1) as well as the supply of civilian and military aircraft. The fuel used is certified to European standards and is a benchmark of quality in the local fuel market. Jepp S.R.L represents a viable alternative for operational air carriers at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport. We are contributing dynamically and efficiently, step by step, to the daily airline of airline companies that actually put the world on the air


Fuel storage and aircraft supplies are carried out under the highest safety standards according to environmental standards and current legislation. We offer the promise to ensure the smooth running of operations that set in motion any air transport network. The Aviation Fuel Jet (JetA-1), located within Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport in Constanta, consists of a park of overground storage tanks with a fuel dump and a tanks platform with a fenced surface of 280 square meters. The design and execution of the work has been carried out in accordance with the international civil aviation rules: JIG, EI and AACR. The operating conditions of the fuel depot, the product quality control, the aircraft maintenance and servicing are as described in international regulations JIG. The main operations in the tank park are: Bridger tank discharge, Charging fuel tank tank and Water drainage. In the case of abundant quantities of water, it is possible to use specially designed auxiliary tanks, which allow for the storage of the contaminated fuel for a long time, until separation. All operations performed are recorded for audit purposes. Periodically, fuel returns from the feeder to the tank are performed using the feeder pump. These operations are limited to: colorimetric / gravimetric tests, calibration of the meter and emptying the feeder for inspection or maintenance.